Umpire recruiting & clinics

Hello CMFA players, family and friends:

In preparation for the upcoming fastball season, our UIC’s (Umpires in Chief) are looking for more able people to join the Cloverdale umpiring crew.  Umpiring is a great hobby, and comes with many benefits, especially for younger umpires who get involved, as it’s a great confidence booster, and you make money doing it.

Our UIC’s will be starting their annual winter gym Umpiring sessions at William Watson Elementary, starting Wednesday, January 18th at 7:00pm – 8:30.  These clinic sessions are free to attend, and are open to anyone (players, parents, or coaches) interested in finding out more about umpiring, as well as for returning umpires.   Minimum age to start umpiring is 12.

Day & time:  Wednesday evenings @ 7:00pm – 8:30pm (starting Jan. 18th)
 Location:  William Watson Elementary at 16450 80th ave.

For questions or more info. please contact our Cloverdale UIC’s (Umpires in Chief)  Kevin Korman @  or Chris Schoepp @

Your Cloverdale Fastpitch Team!

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